Concert Cosmopolitana

In May this year, Big hART had a community showing of the music and stories collected from Cooma throughout Project Cosmopolitana. Hundreds of Cooma locals arrived for a night of food, wine, story sharing and performance.


We kicked off the night with a delicious multicultural dinner prepared by ladies in the community. A diversity of foods and beverages from across the globe, introduced to Cooma during the Snowy Mountains scheme, were celebrated before the show. Meanwhile students from the Monaro High School captured rich stories and secrets of people in the community with memories of Cooma and the scheme, in a series of filmed interviews. This was a great opportunity for Cooma’s contemporary youth to engage with the vibrant history of their town, and for Big hART to collect even more local stories to be included in Ghosts in the Scheme.


Concert Cosmopolitana was comprised of scenes from Ghosts in the Scheme, performed by Lex Marinos, Anne Grigg and Bruce Myles, and interweaved with the exuberant music of Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen. The band performed a collection of songs inspired by stories from Cooma’s time as a gateway to the scheme, and Cooma’s contemporary landscape. A few of the songs were written and performed with students of the Monaro High School, and accompanied by a group of dancing local ladies! At the end of the evening, stories were shared over Chinese rice pudding and espresso coffee. Concert Cosmopolitana was a wonderful celebration of past and present Cooma and it’s cosmopolitan community!



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