Cooma: a poem

“Oh how beautiful is our home town Cooma. To me most precious.”

cooma main street

Josipa migrated to Cooma from Croatia with her little brother and father in 1960. Her first memories in Australia are of loneliness and homesickness. However when her husband to be walked into her father’s restaurant Josipa was introduced to Cooma’s colourful, multicultural nightlife. She went to the pictures, danced, swam, kissed, learnt English and made friends from all over the world.

Today Cooma feels like home, and what a beautiful home it is.

Josipa at her home in Cooma

Josipa at her home in Cooma

Listen to Josipa’s beautiful poem called ‘Cooma’ here.


Oh how beautiful is our home town Cooma

To me most precious.

This is where live my beloved ones

My husband, my children, and the grand children

And this is also where my dear friends are.

Cooma is in New South Wales, Australia

Situated in the middle, close to the great snowy mountains

South seas, and the capital city Canberra.

Cooma is spreading in the valley and over the hills far and wide

Looking like a big mother bird watching after her brood.

The people of Cooma came from all over the world

First to work here, together with the ones that were being born here

And then stayed and made a home.

The buildings in Cooma are just like the people

Some old, some new, some tall, some small.

They’re made out of bricks, weatherboards, and vinyl cladding

And the roofs covered in corrugated iron, and brick tiles.

Gardens are full of beautiful flowers

And pretty shrubs and pleasant scents all around

Tall gum trees, poplars, pine, birch and many other trees

Swaying in the wind is all a breathtaking view.

Sometimes I go away for a while

And I miss it so much

But then I come back

My heart start to beat fast

I feel great

I am home.


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